What to Expect

Dr. Parks has worked hard to create a welcoming and comfortable environment that will promote a positive attitude toward dentistry for your child. The entire team at Parks Children’s Dentistry believe in building a relationship with your child and using the Tell-Show-Do method, this means that:

  • We explain every part of this visit in kid-friendly terms
  • We show the basic instruments we use
  • Then we proceed with the procedure

Dr. Parks believes that with the proper relationship, children respond well to exams and treatment and he works hard to instill a positive attitude toward oral hygiene that will last a lifetime. As a parent, you are always welcome to be at your child’s side during exams and procedures.

Quality Care

At Parks Children’s Dentistry, Dr. Parks believes it his responsibility to see your child’s treatment—whether preventative or restorative—through to completion.

Your child’s cleaning and x-rays will typically be conducted by one of our registered dental hygienists, who are college-educated, tested, and licensed.

Parks Children’s Dentistry follows and upholds all HIPAA and OSHA regulations and standards.

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