FAQs regarding payments

How do I know what insurance benefits are available for my child?

Your insurance company or place of employment should inform you of all benefits, eligibility requirements and restrictions according to your specific insurance plan. It is your responsibility to seek out this information and stay up to date on any changes affecting your insurance coverage. Our office does not determine your benefits and we strongly encourage you to contact your insurance company when an issue or discretion occurs. We will make every effort to obtain benefit information for your child and we ask that you provide us with the insurance card and update if there are any changes.

What insurance plans do you accept?

Parks Children’s Dentistry will file all claims with any dental insurance company we have on file for your account. Therefore, if your dental insurance plan allows you to choose the dentist of your choice, we will submit to your dental insurance for payment. You are responsible for any amount they do not cover. Currently, Parks Children’s Dentistry is in network with the following companies, however we are continually updating our networks so please ask us about any insurance company you do not see listed.

Why does my insurance company not cover all costs?

Dental insurance is meant to be an aid to help cover the cost of care, in fact most plans pay between 60-80% of costs, this percentage is generally determined by the type of plan you or your employer has purchased.

When are payments due?

Payment is due at the time of treatment. It is the policy of Parks Children’s Dentistry to explain to you in writing the cost of the proposed treatment plan before any treatment is started. Upon completion of the proposed treatment plan we calculate what is your portion and what we estimate to receive as payment from the insurance company, we then collect your portion at the completion of treatment. Once the claim has been submitted, the insurance company will make their final determination of benefits and submit payment to Parks Children’s Dentistry. Any amount your insurance plan does not cover will be outstanding on your account and due within 30 days.

Can I contact you with questions?

YES! We know that insurance plans and benefits can be confusing and overwhelming so please contact us with any concerns. We will give our best effort to help you understand and navigate your insurance coverage and most importantly please keep us informed of any changes that affect your child’s insurance coverage.

What if my child is not covered under dental insurance?

We are more than happy to see your child, however please be aware that payment is due in full at time of treatment.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our office accepts all major credit cards, cash and personal checks. A $30 fee will be applied to any returned check. A 1.5% re-billing fee is applied monthly with any balance unpaid longer than 60 days.

Do you offer any financing options?

Yes, we do partner with CareCredit as a 3rd party financer.